Web Application for Students

Web Application for Students

Executive Summary

This advanced web application allows to organize intercommunication of students and colleges where they study, and it also helps students to share media content quickly and easily. The secure web-based platform is user-friendly for students and colleges.

Key challenges and actions for project completion

В первую очередь  проведено тестирование дизайна и функциональных возможностей ресурса. Также был разработан базовый набор тестов для проверки позитивных сценариев работы на сайте. Тестирование проводилось в основных браузерах, что позволило избежать проблем с поддержкой мультибраузерности.

Primarily design and fuctional testing had been conducted. Also the basic set of tests was developed to check positive scenarios of the site work. Testing was conducted in the major browsers that helped to avoid support multibrowser problems.

Type of testing completed
Key benefits for customer

Quality work of the site

Project team

1 test engineer

QA duration

45 hours

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