System Testing

System Testing

Why System Testing?

In order to evaluate the quality of complete and integrated software, QATestLab executes system testing. Based on the functionality requirements and end-users’ expectations, we design tests to verify the system compliance with all fixed requirements. During testing, we both evaluate software architecture and verify its conformity to business goals.

By covering end-to-end testing, system checking helps to reduce potential difficulties after software deployment. Being executed in the environment close to the production one, system testing provides the vision of the end users' real behavior and reaction. Also, we execute system tests in parallel with production environment to compare the functionality of the existing system and the new one.

How we test

Before proceeding to the system testing, several prerequisites should be met:

  • unit testing is conducted
  • system development is complete
  • all modules are integrated
  • testing environment is ready

Having a clear vision of solution purpose, the way it will be used, and the needs of the industry it has been developed for, we create test documentation to avoid any misconceptions and make system testing more efficient.

We do not check ideal test scenarios as the system will be used by ordinary people, not by experienced testers. We write untypical test cases to verify system functionality in a real environment.

System Testing Process

Integral Assessment

system testing pic 

Even if separated system modules and their integrated combinations operate properly without any difficulties, you cannot be sure that the whole system will also work as required. To avoid potential system issues and malfunctions, system testing should be obligatory.

Properly executed system testing gives a clear picture of how solution should behave according to the requirements. Our customers receive the evaluation of the system functionality from the point of view of an end-user. Besides, we perform system tests based on risks, use cases, and business process to reduce potential malfunction of the system and check whether the developed product satisfies defined goals. By preparing and executing system tests, we analyze both the functional and nonfunctional requirements.