Township - iOS and Android Game

It's a very interesting and exciting game that was created in the best traditions of strategies for building the cities. The playing style is Play ground. The user is given an interesting opportunity to build his or her city with various infrastructure: farms, factories, railway and houses. In the game there is an opportunity to trade between other players and cities.

The developer company contacted QATestLab specialists to perform testing of the game.

The customer needed quality outsourcing services for testing.

The game was tested in detail on different configurations of mobile devices. It was required to perform localization testing.

One of the features of this game is that it has a very large number of levels. The detailed inspection of many of them was required because at certain levels of the game its functionalities significantly expand.

The game supports 11 localizations, all of them required the detailed inspection of all levels, messages, names of houses, equipment and other elements of the game.