We provide the services of healthcare applications testing to assist in ensuring the software of the
highest quality and prevent mistakes that can affect healthcare and human life.
Concerning the most important human values, healthcare solutions require precise and objective quality evaluation.

What we test



We conduct the validation of a full healthcare workflow
including providers system, broker system, member system,
claims system, finance system, and regulatory compliance.

We perform the verification of system functionality, evaluate
system load capacities, check application usability, and verify
product compatibility.

We perform quality evaluation of native, mobile, web, and
hybrid applications.

How we test

To ensure a proper verification of the whole healthcare system
workflow, we design and execute test scenarios and test cases for
each of the systems. We conduct positive and negative flow system
testing and system integration testing.

Also, we perform functional testing, verification of mobile version
of healthcare application, compatibility testing, cross-browser
testing, performance testing, and interoperability testing.

Our data security testing includes:

  • role-based access, e.g., API, client
  • authorization and authentication protocols, e.g., Oauth, token based,
  • key based
  • XSS / SQL injections
  • cache storage security including keyboard, browser, solution

Learn more about how we work on examples of accomplished projects.

Quality evaluation by a Dedicated team

mWe have a dedicated QA team that focused on the verification of the solutions for Healthcare industry.

Designing test cases, our team considers a wide range of parameters including plans, commission calculation
methods, provides, and brokers in order to ensure a wide test coverage.