System Testing

System Testing

System testing is the performance of testing of both functional assessment of the system and its quality characteristics.

It is performed to verify differences between the developed system and the original requirements of its creation.

System testing refers to black box testing methods, and thus does not require knowledge about the internal structure of the system.

System testing is performed in several phases, each of which is used for the verification of only one aspect of system behavior. All of these phases may run concurrently or consecutively.

There are two approaches to system testing:

  • Requirements based (test cases are written for each requirement to verify the fulfillment of this requirement)
  • Use case based (each scenario of use has test cases, which should be tested)

System testing includes:

  • Stability (assess the stability of the system with "abnormal" loads: the frequency, volume, size of data, etc.)
  • Reliability (recovery time, fault tolerance, the correctness of re-initialization, recovery, etc.)
  • Security (testing the functioning of the protective mechanisms of the system in case of bug injections)
  • Performance (check the speed of the software in a computer system)
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