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The Parable of the Pyramids in a New Way

People are building the pyramid of Cheops. Many people work. People come to one person, who trims stones, and ask: “What are you doing?”. He answers: “Why can’t you see? I trim stones.” People come to another, who also trims stones, and ask the same question. He answers, “I build the most magnificent structure on earth!”

That’s different attitudes to work. 

One man droningly and without interest does the same thing every day just to be paid for it (trims stones). He is not interested in what’s new in the area, when and how the current release will be issued and what features will be in it. Work for him is lost 8 hours of life.

And another man lives by what he makes; he seeks how to improve processes, productivity, knowledge and skills. These people usually hang on the walls the strange doodles, which are in fact the basic algorithms of the system, plans of product versions and so on.

In their messengers statuses they have often messages like “Hurrah!” The new version (the name of the system under development) released! “.

If necessary, they will give themselves to 200% and manage to release exfoliating project, while “those who trim stones” are can mostly just to complain, to tell how things are bad and search blame.