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How to Сontrol Test Data

For quality testing it is required valid and reliable test data.If the test database is very different from the industrial, some tests may be incorrect.

QATestLab offers the following services to manage test data:

  • Generating of data. Depending on the type of testing (load, functional or other) we will prepare a requirement to the test data set. After that we will meet to develop of scripts for generating data, using the materials that have appeared during the years of practice. We have successfully generated millions of lines of data for Oracle, MS SQL Server, DB2, Informix and Sybase. We are able to generate large sets of data quickly.
  • Depersonalization of data. In order to protect the privacy QATestLab offers solutions for depersonalization (anonymization of data). To solve this problem, there are many methods and modern tools. We will offer those which are best suited for a particular case.