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Example of Effective Use Case

Here is sample use case, written at different levels, for different needs.

Use Case MO1. Register arrival of a box

RA means “Receiving Agent”.

RO means “Registration Operator”

DS means “Department Supervisor”

Primary Actor: RA

System: Nightime Receiving Registry Software

1. RA receives and opens box (box id, bags with bag ids) from TransportCompany TC

2. RA validates box id with TC registered ids.

3. RA maybe signs paper form for delivery person

4. RA registers arrival into system, which stores:

RA id

date, time

box id


# bags (?with bag ids)

<estimated value?>

5. RA removes bags from box, puts onto cart, takes to RO.


2a. box id does not match transport company

4a. fire alarm goes off and interrupts registration

4b. computer goes down leave the money on the desk and wait for computer to come back up.


4′. with and without Person id

4”. with and without estimated value

5′. RA leaves bags in box.