Training and Education


Desktop application for organization of mathematics lessonsin schools. It features more than 2,500 standards-basedactivities on topics ranging from counting to pre-algebrafor grades K-8. Activities test students' understanding ofconcepts, offer an engaging platform to practice theirknowledge and encourage problem solving.

ePortfolio - Enterprise Electronic Portfolio

ePortfolio is the leading Enterprise Electronic Portfolio (EEP) solution that opens up a world of possibilities for students and faculty. It provides a highly flexible, configurable and scalable environment that allows students, faculty, alumni and staff to store digital artifacts and share them in a secure way across (and even outside of) the institution.

Desktop GoFolio Application

GoFolio, the next wave in electronic portfolio management. GoFolio is a desktop/laptop application that is fully integrated with Folio by IMI and helps portfolio owners to manage, analyze, and archive their online lives while keeping items synchronized online and off.

Roamer World

Roamer World is a software program that allows you toprogram Roamer on the computer. Or you can program on theRoamer and save your work on the computer.

Roamer World PDA

Roamer World PDA  is the latest version of the popularRoamer robot. It combines the latest robotic technology withthe science of learning to create an exciting and dynamiceducational tool that can help your students understandcomplex ideas across a wide range of age groups andsubjects.

Online System of Secondary Education Monitoring is a web resource for testing pupils online.It is a project of Eurasian Association for EducationalAssessment, which is an organization that provides theexchange of best practices in education quality assessment.The aim of the web site is estimation of the quality ofsecondary education in Russia and other CIS countries.

Online Job and Applicant Search System

Online job search project helps the employer to facilitatethe search of the most suitable candidate to the neededposition. Feature of the project is that the employer,except of the usual information about the employee, cancreate his own quick online aptitude tests to pass. 

Web Application for Students

This advanced web application allows to organize intercommunication of students and colleges where they study, and it also helps students to share media content quickly and easily. The secure web-based platform is user-friendly for students and colleges.

Bilingual, mobile-first jobs marketplace

The bilingual, mobile-first jobs marketplace that enables more than 74 million hourly workers in the United States to find and apply for jobs from any computer, tablet or phone.

Hourly workers use mobile devices as their primary connection point, but they can’t easily apply for jobs using their phones. Ninety percent of them prefer text messaging as their main communication mechanism, but they can’t apply using simple text messaging. Applications are in English when often the applicant speaks Spanish. Close to one billion man-hours are wasted in the United States every year in inefficient ways to match workers with jobs.