Massively Multiplayer Browser Online Game

Case Studies

Massively Multiplayer Browser Online Game

Massively multiplayer browser online game that takes place in a fantasy world. One of the main directions is PVP battles. 4 teams of 4 players take part in the battles. The game has different bonus characters such as monsters, bosses and all kinds of animals.

The game is exciting first of all because of its team play, dynamic scenes and high-quality graphics.

Специалисты QATestLab получили от компании издателя игру для юзабилити тестирования. 
Одной из особенностей данного вида тестирования было участие как можно большего количества тестировщиков в процессе тестирования игры. После окончания тестирования требовалось заполнениние результатов в виде   отчетов и анкет. 
Для более точной оценки в тестировании принимали участие разработчики и продюсер игры. 

The publisher company gave the game to QATestLab specialists for usability testing.

One of the features of this type of testing was participation of as large  number of testers as possible in the process of testing the game. After finishing testing it was required  to fill in the results in the form of reports and questionnaires.

For more accurate assessment the developers and the game producer took part in testing.