Who Is Omega Tester?

Who Is Omega Tester?

Sometimes it happens that the test team of some product from the very beginning is formed incompletely. But soon, everything changes; the testers are in sessions and ready to proceed to the work execution.

An ability to work as a part of a team is a very important feature of the IT company employee. Frequently, one tester works under the small project. If a project is big and complex, then the whole team of specialists works hard on its checking. However, an ability to work as a part of team – not a key to successful testing. What is really important is to be able to focus and execute the tasks qualitatively and fast. 

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What Is Important for the Omega Tester?

  • One should perform one action at a time. Concentration on one specified task will yield more results than the simultaneous work under the different tasks. Multitasking – the fate of the managers. Performing usability testing, a specialist should not fritter away for trivia.  
  • Software testing requires some preparation before indirect execution of this process. Conducting functional testing, a specialist should first get acquainted with the existed documentation and the client’s requirements. Without a common picture of the product performance, it is difficult to fulfil its testing.
  • It should be the order in the mind and on the table. Executing system testing, a specialist makes many notes and comments. It is often when a tester does not ensure that everything to be accurate, gradual, and in the right place. Disorder brings chaos.
  • Curiosity and creative thinking promote an effective testing. The software testing process does not have the strict instructions or detailed behavior’s algorithm. A tester can define only the common picture and entry level steps of testing. Fulfilling mobile testing, a specialist reminds a researcher for which the stereotype does not apply at all.
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