Software Testing as a Service (STaaS)

Software Testing as a Service (STaaS)

If you are looking for affordable, flexible and inexpensive solutions for testing without a high level of investment, we advise you to look in the direction of Software Testing as a Service (STaaS).

In our time applications get more complex with more complicated testing requirements. Therefore, the organizations started to look for solutions that fully cover their needs in software testing and will return the investments.

But the cost of testing automation and people with the necessary skills can be overwhelming high for companies. For this reason  some companies cannot afford to invest in best in software testing field solutions, as it is not their primary specialization.

QATestLab offers Software Testing as a Service as the accomplished cost-effective solution for many of organizations, where customers receive full-service testing efforts, but pay only for the people resources needed during the period of time when specialized skills are necessary.

STaaS is software testing outsourcing approach for fixed testing efforts with minimal investment.

In order for Software Testing as a Service to work effectively we deliver it on either a fixed price model or established cost basis with clearly defined schedules of work. This approach  will affords an opportunity for organizations  to deal with the high levels of change that might be peculiar to their software solutions whilst permitting them to change necessary resources flexible.

So it is reasonable for most types of companies as it is a highly-scalable, reasonably priced service for outsourced software testing, without bureaucratic contracts and long start-up terms.

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