Our Software Testing Process

Our Software Testing Process

QATestLab offers the test planning, execution, automation, documentation and closure to our clients.

These services allow our clients to manage and deploy defect-free applications, improvements and maintain releases in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Key components of our testing methodology include:

  • Assessment
  • Planning
  • Methodology Development
  • Methodology Implementation & Management
  • Automation

Assessment - Review and analysis of the current testing processes, procedures, and tools that are used. Identification of gaps and recommendation of  improvements based on QATestLab's best practices for software testing.

Deliverable artefact: Analysis and Recommendation Report

Planning - Based on the assessment. Gap analysis and recommendation report, development of a customized software testing plan due to the client’s current needs and business requirements. Development of test plans for the defined levels of testing process.

Deliverable artefact: Software Testing Plan

Methodology Development - Development of a software testing methodology based on the plan/roadmap mentioned above. Identification of possibilities for immediate and strategic improvements. Development of  methodology based on the identified levels of testing process.

Deliverable artefact: Software Testing Methodology Document

Methodology Implementation & Management - Implementation of the methodology and plan developed at steps described above. Management of test process and execution of test plans for the defined levels of testing process. Execution of test cases with the expected and actual results.

Deliverable artefact: Test Case Document

Automation - Client support in test tool evaluation, selection and implementation. Assurance that the selected tool corresponds with the client needs and is able to execute the defined and documented test cases.

Deliverable artefact: Test Automation Report

QATestLab helps our clients to arrange right software testing process depending of software type, size of the developers team, budget and timeframe.

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