Arrangement of Software Testing Process

Arrangement of Software Testing  Process

Companies using ad hoc testing processes soon understand that addressing testing issues at the end of the software life cycle does not allow producing a quality software that is on time and within budget.

QATestLab helps our clients to arrange right software testing process depending on software type, size of developers team, budget and timeframe.

The choice of  testing  model

  •  Definition of testing tasks
  •  Input work products
  •  Output  deliverables
  •  Interaction with other processes
  •  Criteria for beginning and completion of tasks
  •  Roles and responsibilities during testing  execution

Steps to success:

  1. Creation of a testing  group;
  2. Analysis of the risks associated with testing;
  3. Definition of a test strategy;
  4. Development of a test plan;
  5. Development of tests;
  6. Software testing;
  7. Analysis of test results:
  • Collected and classified data
  • Decisions and recommendations
  • Final report on the results of testing

QATestLab provides our clients with test planning, execution, automation, documentation and closure. You can read details on page that describes our software testing process.

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