Cleeng - Сontent Monetization Service

Cleeng - Сontent Monetization Service

Executive Summary

Cleeng is the service which allows digital publishers and bloggers to monetize their content. They have a possibility to receive micropayments from website’s users for using their materials. 

Key challenges and actions for project completion

The main objective of the project was functional and cross browser testing to ensure that web application operates accurately across multiple browsers.

Our mission was to assure stable cross-browser rendering and functionality on all website pages, high quality of website.

The system was tested on each of the development stages. We have also developed test cases and checklist.

All project documents and reports were sent to the customer according to the procedure of process management.

Type of testing completed
Key benefits for customer
  • Development of checklist
  • Test cases
  • Test plan
  • Bug Reports and suggestions
Project team

1 test engineer

QA duration

Over 1300 man-hours

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Delivery packages
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