Nightmares from the Deep - Mac Game

Nightmares from the Deep - Mac Game

Executive Summary

The game in the genre of Hidden Objects. The player acts as a matron of the museum Sarah Black.

The plot unfolds with receiving the parcel. Once Sarah retrieves a mysterious artifact, the crowd of creepy fish-men attacks the museum and kidnaps the girl.

The player turns out to be in an abandoned fishing village on the cursed ship's graveyard with creepy caves. The city appears to be cursed. One must fight with Davy Jones himself in order to save the village and its residents.

Key challenges and actions for project completion

Компания  издатель передала игру для тестирования. 
Ключевыми задачами было тестирование как линейного прохождения игры так и беспорядочных переходов между локациями. Требовалась проверка корректности игровых механик, подсказок. 

The developer company contacted QATestLab specialists to perform testing of the game. 

The key objective was testing both the game linear playthrough and the disordered transitions between locations. It was required to validate correctness of the game mechanics and help.

Type of testing completed
Key benefits for customer
Игра была протестирована на различных конфигурация MAC OS устройств. В результате были устранены различные дефекты мешаюшие корректной установке и геймплею. 

The game was tested on the various configurations of MAC OS devices. As a result various defects that hindered correct installation and gameplay were eliminated.

Project team

5 test engineers

QA duration

76 hours

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