Multiplayer Video Game for iOS

Multiplayer Video Game for iOS

Executive Summary

Playground game for children 5 years plus and adults. The application was developed for the iOS platform.

The player is to build different constructions: parks, courts, cinemas, food service establishments, shops and others, and also to update these constructions after earning a certain number of coins. There are more than 40 levels developed in the game.

Key challenges and actions for project completion

The software developer applied to the QATestLab company for manual localization testing of the game on the final development stage. Our team affirmed that the software testing would be performed during the allotted time.

Test engineers performed the localization testing of the game in 11 languages to prove that the game is possible to be used by all the smartphone and tablet users from different countries.

The localization testing was performed in order to verify the correct displaying of the text at different levels and settings of the game.

Type of testing completed
Key benefits for customer


  • Recommendations for improving the text displaying in different languages.
Project team

15 test engineers

QA duration

300 man-hours

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