Bosch Global Internet Review - Belarus

Bosch Global Internet Review - Belarus

Executive Summary

Group of Internet sites of LTD «Robert Bosch» (the representative office of Robert Bosch GmbH in Belarus).

Key challenges and actions for project completion

Challenges: compliance of Internet websites corporate design, content and structure with official Bosch Guidelines.

QA team used the document that described a structure of the Bosch Group Web pages for all information and communication contents.

This document was intended to supplement the existing corporate guidelines (the Bosch Internet Styleguide).

As a result the group of Internet sites of LTD «Robert Bosch» has won the first and the second places in global rating Global Internet Review in 2007.

Type of testing completed
Key benefits for customer
  • Acceptance test cases
  • Acceptance test results
  • Suggestions
Project team

1 test engineer

QA duration

80 man-hours

Types of projects
Platforms and tools
Delivery packages
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